PA Sports Hall of Fame Exhibit at AVP – 4th Edition

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POSTED: February 9, 2022

(article from the Luzerne County Sports Hall of Fame)

Avoca, PA (February 8, 2022) – The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport is now presenting to its passengers and guests the fourth edition of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame exhibit. The two local chapters which have worked cooperatively to display their past and present inductees are the Luzerne County Sports Hall of Fame and the Northeastern Chapter of the PA Sports Hall of Fame.

The Sports Hall of Fame exhibit attempts to recognize and perpetuate the endeavors and memory of local athletes, male and female, who have brought lasting fame and recognition to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and their chapters through their athletic achievements and community involvement.

Also eligible for such distinction are those individuals who have brought similar recognition to the state and their individual chapters, through their contributions to sports in managerial, promotional and other influential capacities.

Annually, these two chapters present to the Northeastern Corridor of air travelers and visitors, the vision of a cooperative enterprise between two entities that are rich in sports history and athletic heritage.

“The ability to co-present personal artifacts and portraits of local sports legends is truly enriching,” stated Jim Martin, President, Luzerne County Sports Hall of Fame. “This is a blending of current and past significant sports history.”

The 2022 exhibit displays athletes and administrators from varied levels of sports arenas. The Olympians, Professional Athletes, Collegiate Athletes, Coaches, Innovators and Founders give us a physical idea of our heritage by the displaying of their actual artifacts for public viewing. An interesting side-note is that an iconic football pioneer has personal artifacts displayed in this museum/exhibit.

The granddaughter of Harold “Red” Grange, Rosemary Maria of Chicago, has provided authentic vintage items from his early life.  As a tribute to her mother Rosemary Morrissey, (Daughter of Red Grange), these pieces are intended to honor the life and legacy of the NFL’s first true superstar.

“I would like to thank the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport and the Luzerne County Sports Hall of Fame for displaying my grandfather’s artifacts. When I visited his hometown in Forksville, PA. in August of 2021, I was extremely   excited to visit his boyhood home, and walk on the same ground. My family is very proud of his athletic achievements and contributions to the sport of football,” stated Maria.

A noteworthy addition to the museum/exhibit is the “Hall of Fame – Sports Spotlight”. This recognizes current athletic achievements, and is continually upgraded to keep pace with all of the spectacular sports happenings in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The two local chapters of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame are appreciative and humbled by the opportunity to present this display to the continuous flow of travelers that utilize this vital travel service.

The Luzerne County Sports Hall of Fame seized an opportunity to construct and maintain this display of athletic heritage for all to view. Mr. Carl Beardsley and his AVP administrative staff are true community servant leaders. This is another fine example of the AVP family working in conjunction with the regional community.


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